Inbetween Slouching and Standing Up Straight

  • Inbetween Slouching and Standing Up Straight

    Inbetween Slouching and Standing Up Straight

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    Continuing on from the last post it was established that both slouching and standing up with effort may cause pain and injury.  If ‘Slouching’ is relaxing to the point when you cannot stand up straight, and ‘standing straight’ requires muscular effort and holding, then is there an ‘in-between’ posture that is correct?  An ‘in-between’ state would mean actively finding a state where you were not too tense yet not completely relaxed either.  Mmm, rather difficult, complicated and time-consuming, if not impossible.

    Let’s go back to the principle that we function as a whole sensitive, intelligent being.  We operate in entire patterns of functioning that are continually adapting to our situation, state and circumstances.  If you are on balance and have a centre of support that ran all the way through you and then found that while being supported as such you didn’t need to do anything to remain standing, there wouldn’t be any need to ‘relax’.  In other words, you could release tensions and other parts that you may habitually hold without falling over because you were already balanced and supported.

    The general idea of relaxing is collapsing and is not the same as releasing tension. When you are aware of being tense you can simply allow yourself to ‘let go’ of the tension but using your awareness and presence.  You are still guiding your intentions. You are still you. However if you relax in the sense of ‘collapse’ you abandon responsibility in that you are no longer aware of what is happening – you switch yourself off. Anatomically speaking this is exactly what happens.

    This is all very well you may retort but how do I know if I am over the centre of my support and do I have to constantly remind myself to be on it so I can release tension? To find out watch out for the following post

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