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    In the preceding post I began by describing how a certain way of thinking completely transformed my state and what an immediate and powerful experience it was. In this post I will answer some of the questions I posed:

    How powerful are such ideas? Are they too powerful to overcome? Do I just have to accept that this is how it is? Can a belief change?

    How powerful is this idea?

    It was a swift and merciless change that swept through me without warning and out of my control. A state that was uncomfortable and miserable to stay in. Aching with tension and emotionally charged I took in the realisation of what had just happened. The relationship between the idea that I should be reacting differently and my present state was incontestable. I had brought this on myself yet I hadn’t decided to do anything. I hadn’t intended to feel like this so what had I done? I had simply tapped into my belief that with so many problems I was under some obligation to react in a more negative way. My ideas were deep seated and not exactly clear to me but clearly they were powerful.

    Do I have to just accept that this is how it is?

    Well before I had the thought of having to react more negatively to my list of problems, I was already dealing with them quite adequately and without all this extra tension and misery. Therefore, I concluded, it isn’t necessary to be in such a state.

    Is it too powerful to overcome?

    By understanding what had just happened to me, it was clear to me that I had just altered my own state. I was the only one responsible for what had just happened. If I could do that so easily then surely I could change my thoughts again but with more constructive ideas. I tried, without success. Each time I tried to think positively my idea of ‘having to’ react to my problems pushed to the forefront of my thoughts? What’s more, the feelings I was experiencing were very strong and seemed to match what I thought I should be doing – namely panicking! It was impossible just to just slip out of such sensations. There is nothing so convincing than feelings to fortify the beliefs behind them and they were as powerful as my thoughts. Clearly I had to take a different approach.

    Can an idea change?

    The question to ask

    Very often we find ourselves in such sad states without knowing how we got there or what to do about it. By returning to the moment of change/transition, when I began to feel stressful and worried, I could ask myself, what just happened? As I said before, the only difference between the second before the transformation and the second after was my approach to the problems. I was viewing the same problems but from another framework or point of view. in the next post I will write hw the process I used led me to a surprise discovery about myself and about changing thoughts and belief systems. Watch this space.

    Julia Gilroy

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