Strength of Our Ideas – 4

  • Strength of Our Ideas – 4

    Strength of Our Ideas – 4

    PART 4

    This is the fourth and last part of the series ‘ The Strength of Our Beliefs’ in which I describe how certain beliefs completely transformed my emotional and physical state. This led me to consider the strength of my beliefs and question if it was possible to change them, control them or just accept them.

    Can Ideas Change?

    I was now aware that my underlying belief that negative emotions should match negative events, was based on a feeling and nothing more. I had proven to myself that it was possible to respond differently to the events as I had already done so. Now I could see that this longstanding idea about how I should react, so powerful before, was already beginning to crumble.

    I understood that condemning and judging only exasperate the conditions. It is more advantageous to sort out the problem without delving into such wells of emotion. The experience can also be used as a learning opportunity so that everyone benefits from it.

    My old customary reaction of merging all the problems together had led to confusion and more tension. Instead, when dealing with each issue separately, there was much less energy spent worrying and more of a possibility in finding a solution.


    My initial handling of the situation had been practical and constructive, however one little but powerful idea had caused havoc with my emotional and physical state. By questioning and exploring this belief I discovered that it was based on a lifetime of reacting negatively to problems. A reaction that had become so embedded in my behaviour that I accepted it as necessary even obligatory when encountering any type of unfortunate incident or situation.

    Now the veil was lifted, I could spot this idea more easily and choose not to go along with it. Now I understood it’s power and it’s ‘non-sense’ the choice not to be led by it was very easy.

    Now each time my longtime friend of a belief shows up, it will be pared down gradually by my newfound learning. Soon it will cease to exist.


    Commentary on Beliefs

    The strength of our beliefs can be formidable. As shown in this article they can transform us without warning. We tend not to interrogate them because we often don’t realise that they are underpinning our reactions and accept them with often miserable consequences.

    Luckily we human beings are constantly forming new constructs. When there is no real basis in a belief and it is proven to us, it adapts to our new understanding,* the old belief simply ceases to exist. That is how our construct system works.

    Once we can find the underlying fundamental flaw in our ideas and check them for validity, our beliefs change (if necessary) to match the reality of the situation without any conscious help.  This is called learning.

    Julia Gilroy

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