Actors Movement Workshop

10 week module

Course Content

Athough there is an order of learning which is inbuilt to the course structure, each session begins with your comments, feedback and questions which serve to guide the ongoing sessions.

You will cover some of the fundamentals of what it is to be perfectly balanced and supported - why it is so important and the consequences of not being so.  With simple practical demonstrations and simple anatomical detail you can see for yourself what it means to move with less strain, pain and discomfort. No previous anatomical knowledge is necessary and the emphasis is on how we function as a whole and less on learning about body parts.

This course is unique in that it is designed to help you understand why this happens and how you can continue to nurture this wonderful state of being that is innate in all of us. You will also start to appreciate the process involved to becoming your own movement expert and how empowering it can be.

Each week you will receive an individual summary of each session,  At the end of the course you will have a pack of informative articles to take away with you.

Claire reaching

Who do they concern?

Anyone who is curious about the method and/or suffers from strain, pain or injury and would like to learn how to move around with more ease and freedom.  Professional  practitioners working in the medical, sports or artistic fields have also found this work invaluable.

Please note the number of participants is limited in order to maintain a high quality service and ensure individual attention.  

What to bring

The emphasis is on exploring movements such as standing, sitting and walking so there is nothing to bring as such.  We will work shoeless and you may like to wear clothing that is easy to move in.  At one point you will need to bring in coloured pens and you are welcome to write notes during the length of the course. 

At the end of this first module you will:

  • have a heightened awareness of harmful habitual movements

  • be able to start changing them

  • be able to release tension in a more efficient way

  • have found a way to ease pain and to begin eradicating it

  • continue learning until the next module!