Individual Session

One off session or series of ten

1 hour

Course Description

Individual sessions are one hour long and though it is possible to have one singular class, it is preferable to take a series of classes to grasp the core principles of the methods and to see results.

The classes include both Alexander Technique hands-on work as well as the informative experiential approach of LearningMethods.  They follow a similar structure to the Start-up program though may deviate slightly as the series is tailor made to your specific needs.

For whom?

Anyone who prefers working out of the crowd or who has a busy and irratic schedule. 

What to bring?

The emphasis is on exploring movements such as standing, sitting and walking so there is nothing to bring as such.  We will work shoeless and you may like to wear clothing that is easy to move in.  At one point you will need to bring in coloured pens and you are welcome to write notes during the length of the course.  


By nature, I am someone who has a tendency to rush around too much and has difficulty in doing things slowly. However, I found my first experience of the Alexander Technique very soothing. It also helped me relax and have a wonderful feeling of well being, something that I do not think I have experienced before. Thank you Julia for gifting me thatAudrey Stuart, Former Journalist