Introductory Workshop

1 Hour 15 Minutes

Course Description

There are two different introductory workshops which give you the opportunity to try out the Alexander Technique, Anatomy of Wholeness and LearningMethods work. 

Workshop for Pain Strain and Injury 

This 90 minute introduction explains how you can rediscover your natural alignment, co-ordination and flexibility.  As a result you will learn how to avoid injury or alleviate the pain and damage from existing conditions.

Fun demonstrations and individual 'taster' sessions will give you an insight into this simple yet effective method. There is time given for questions so you have an opportunity to address your particular concerns and to see how you can benefit from this work. 

Please come in comfortable, loose clothing and with lots of questions. There will be information to take away with you at the end.

LearningMethods Workshop 

In this 75 minute introduction, you will have a glimpse into how this approach can help you overcome performance anxiety, improve your performance skills and boost your confidence.  Whether you suffer from nerves, trembling, butterflies in the stomach, blank-outs or similar symptoms, this is a straight forward means of disabling the root cause so as to leave you free to enjoy your performances in the future.

The workshop will be run in the usual format as weekly ones to give you an opportunity to experience what they are like.  There will be explanations, a demonstration or two and the conversations will be focussed on your concerns and interests.  So your input is important.

There is nothing to bring in particular unless you wish to note down certain information. 

Not only will you become more aware of yourself and your environment but you will begin to understand why you feel symptoms of stiffness or pain and what you can do about it.

These sessions are designed for your benefit so please come prepared to ask questions and communicate your particular interest and needs. All workshops are open to the general public as well as professional practioners.

Note: there is a small charge for this workshop to cover overhead costs.

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