Anatomy of Wholeness

Anatomy of Wholeness is the name given to David Gorman’s revolutionary discovery of a new model of human organisation and functioning.

One key principle is that humans function as an entire, sensitive, intelligent being. We operate in continually thinking-skeleton adapting patterns of co-ordinated physical and mental activity. There can be no mental or physical separation.

From looking in more detail at how we, as two-legged creatures, remain balanced and upright with little effort and how it is gravity that actually keeps us in a suspended elastic support, it is possible to move with more flexibility, ease and freedom. It has an effect on daily movement such as sitting, standing, walking or in performance situations; dancing, playing musical instruments, yoga…

Knowledge of how the human system is designed and made to function can dispel those nagging aches and pains, alleviate chronic suffering and help you avoid injury.

Practical explorations and simple anatomical explanations consider;

  • General misconceptions about posture.
  • How some habitual movement patterns and tension can cause damage and injury.
  • How to be more in touch and aware of yourself and your environment and the enormous implications this has on your health and happiness.
  • The amazing potential of our system (ourselves) if we stop interfering with it.

Apart from avoiding injury this source of knowledge can help people with tendinitis, sciatica, back pain, tension, joint damage and general strains and stresses.